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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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bill clinton. >> i'm not american so i can't really tell, can i. >i. >> sean: can you do a new york accent? >> i'm not going to try. >> >> sean: how you doing. talk radio, coffee. >> coffee. >> how you doin. great to see you. thank you for being on the show. >> sean: sadly, that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. we will see you back here on monday. >> greta: tonight is america getting weak? vice-president dick cheney slamming president obama's foreign policy. >> our allies no longer trust us or have confidence in us, and our adversaries no longer fear us. the president makes bold statements and bold talk in the last couple of days about developments in syria, but i don't think they care. >> greta: you'll hear more from vice-president cheney in a few minutes, but first, the big threat here at home.
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>> this isn't a progress report because there's no progress to report. >> tax cuts? not government spending, not irresponsible entitlements. that gets a pass. it will be tax cuts. obama's premise that this country'country'scountry's firse fraudulent and he's fixing it, and they'll be etched in stone. tax cuts. >> the president has given the republicans flexibility to come up with a credible, specific plan. what they offered in return was an empty letter. >> when it comes to fiscal cliff that's threat nick our economy and threatening jobs, the white house has wasted another week. >> tax cuts is what caused the fall of the united states from super power status. >> this president just won a big election and you would think that he would want to lead. >> we've had the election. the president was clear in the campaign that he was advocating
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and fighting for the middle income tax cuts. >> tax cuts. the whole premise of tax cuts is going to be blamed for all of this economic mess. >> this is a moment of truth. the clock is ticking, christmas it coming, the goose is getting fat. in many homes across america, it's a very, very lean time. >> the reports indicate that the president has adopted a deliberate strategy to slow walk our economy right to the edge of the fiscal cliff. >> greta: with us is co-host of the five, greg gutfeld. he has a new book out, the joy of hate. he's been on a road trip having a book tour, so he has been talking to lots of people and they have been talking to him. so we want to know. are americans frustrated by the way government is not working, or, greg, are do they think the government is working. >> i've got to tell you. this was the best week of my life. i've never met so many generous, happy people. these are people that drove
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hours to come and meet me and they brought me food. they brought me cookies. they brought me unicorn nuggets. one guy brought me moon shine which i don't remember drinking. i do remember it was cold walking on the interstate without my pants, so it was definitely good, but i didn't sense frustration. i mean, for one thing, this is how the south treats me, imagine how they treat each other. these arele are, reall are reald people. family is their mode of government. they don't look for handouts. they hand out. they are there to help other people. i don't sense anger. i sense frustration in the sense that they have great family values. they have great families. they're waiting for the rest of the country, i guess, to catch up with them. >> greta: at some point, though, you can have great values but if you can't get a job, it becomes enormously frustrating and it puts pressure on your values. >> yes of. but the one thing i noticed is they weren't depressed. these are people that have
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incredible family structures, and coming from me, a new yorker, my family, my apartment is a mouse and a pillow that i've drawn a face on with a magic marker. the family structures are there. they get along. i talked to a lot of people. when times are tough, they rely on each other, and they didn't rely on the government. they talk about doing things. they have dinners together. they do stuff together. they went to the book stores together. i haven't been to a book store with my mom in ages. i love that. >> greta: i'm lucky i get to see a lot of good people in the country g, whether it's the superstorm here in dc and people doing everything they can. it's people sort of relying on people. you're talking about the south and your book tour in the south. you can go to some inner cities where in the last four years, things have gotten profoundly or the last eight years profoundly worse. you have an unemployment rate in detroit of 18.9% because everybody has fled detroit or it would be much worse.
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you now, a lot of wonderful things to say about americans, but you know, i actually share the frustration with the government who for a year and a half has sit on this fiscal cliff thing and done nothing. >> what do they do but demand to give more money to the cities that are dying and the money is not helping them. if you look even at chicago which is going to be turning into detroit when you look at the latest crime statistics. these places are going to hell, and the government isn't helping. >> greta: so i guess it's sort of the strength of america, the values, the fun things that you saw, you know, i appreciate that, but i worry about the other. >> yeah, i do, too i've got to say. there's nothing like little kids calling you sir. >> greta: i called you sir when you sat down. i said a lot of nice things since you sat down. >> you mistook me for a senator. then you asked me to leave. >> greta: this is when i got worried, when i saw this. do you see these notes? i thought this is the first time i've had a guest show up like this. i was a little bit worried. >> i do that.
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my eyesight is terrible. i'm so blind, i have to write in magic marker, plus i like to come prepared. you're a tough lady. >> greta: what do you have here anyway? >> i said the frustration. >> greta: actually, you could enter you video me and i could give you your answers. >> how about this? how about this? where did you go on this tour, greta? >> greta: okay. on this tour i went to florida, mamb. what's that. >> i think that's alabama. >> greta: george, and hair. >> that's tennessee. by the way. tennessee was great. the people were amazing. >> greta: why better looking. the people are better looking? >> this is a good point. people are way better looking in the south. in new york city i consider myself a 6.5 or a 7. in georgia i'm a 2. >> really? >> yes, i'm a 2. >> greta: anyway, on a serious note, you're book is doing well. >> it's doing great. >> greta: fun? >> it's a fun frustrating idea. about all these people that are
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faneing outrage when they're not mad at all. they're using tolerance b as way to silence you. it's about how to fight people. >> greta: it fits probably perfectly in the war on women. you men could be a lot better in the country, but i've traveled to so many places, pakistan, saudi arabia, afghanistan, and i see there's a far different war on women. this war on women thing got thrown around i thought painfully so and exaggerated the real conditions, you know, of what is here in the united states. not to say it can't be better. >> i call it the pig pass. if you're a left wing male, you can get away with saying horrible things about conservative women, and the media won't touch you. that's what drives me nuts, the libl ral doublliberal double st. >> greta: the book is the joy of hate. thanks for joining us. you'll be back often? >> not bringing any notes. apologize for bein bring notes. >> greta: i'm using them for the rest of the show.
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thank you, greg. boehner ripped into president obama, speaker boehner calling the white house fiscal plan a joke. senator ron johnson is on the budget committee. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> greta, how you doing? >> greta: very well, and calling the plan a joke, i guess he is not going to beat around the bush for us. >> unfortunately, greta, president obama pretty well holds all the cards in this negotiation. if he wants to have tax increases or tax rates go up, i don't see how republicans can stop him, you know, because everybody's taxes are going to increase if congress does nothing, and president obama is the only person that can sign a bill into law and quite honestly, senator harry reid is the only person in the senate that can pass a bill in the senate as well. it sounds like people like howard dean want everybody's taxes to go up. maybe we should feel fortunate that president obama only wants the top two% to g two percent t. >> greta: do you anticipate republicans will vote for a rate increase if this should come to
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a vote? >> i don't believe they'll vote for a rate increase. what we'll vote for hopefully is to extend the current tax rates permanently and start working with president obama on true pro growth tax reform, but again, it sounds like treasury secretary geithner is happy to take the economy off the fiscal cliff, and again, if president obama wants to do that, he can do that, it sounds like that's exactly where he wants to go, what is kind of amazing, maybe republicans should take, you know, a victory lap from the fact that we've actually convinced democrats it's a good thing to maintain the bush tax cuts for at least 98% of the american population. i guess that's a good thing. i hope, i hope if president obama decides to increase taxes on the top two percent at a minimum he exempts business income. people or businesses that report their income through subchapter s, that would be a positive sign. maybe he can give some ground there. >> greta: i'm curious as a former businessman, now a freshman u.s. senator. is this what you thought the job
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was going to be like as a u.s. senator? >> well, obviously i was kind of hoping we would win in november 2012 here, and we'd actually have a majority in the senate and we could work toward pro growth tax reform. i realized what a mess washington is, and it's one of the things i really would ask the american public to really consider is, you know, what actually works. your former guest was talking about this. families work. communities work. private businesses work. what doesn't work very well is the fatigue. i don'federal government. i don't know why anybody wants to increase its size. >> greta: one of the things there's so little focus on whether it's republicans or democrats is our inner cities like detroit. they're going to explode, implode on us. they'll ultimately be a huge financial drain on the whole federal budget in some ways. it doesn't seem to me there's enough reaching down to find inspiring good ways to invigorate those communities and get growth in those communities and really fix them. i don't see a lot of attention on that, and i actually see that
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as both for good moral reasons and also for good economic reasons for everybody else. >> you said the word that is the core part of the solution here, growth. economic growth. again, what is president obama going to do? he's going to punish the top two percent. a lot of those are small to medium size businesses that are struggling in this economy, struggling out of the burden of this regulatory requirement. struggling under the prospects of increased taxes. greta, it's not very easy to conceive of a product or a service and provide that product and service at a cost that is lower than what you cancel it to a customer. that's a very difficult thing to do, and government makes it even harder, so the only way we get out of this situation, the only way we reduce our debt and deficit is through economic growth. we have to encourage individuals to raise capital. we have to encourage businesses to expand and create jobs. create new taxpayers. that's how you get new revenue. president obama wants to punish success. that's very sad. >> greta: you say that president obama wants to punish success.
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i'm curious to what extent you think those two percent people will in a commensurate way will reduce their charitable giving so they won't feel any sort of the pinch of the tax increase, but it will be charitable organizations. >> what's happening right now, businesses are speeding up dividends in anticipation of increased taxes. people are also speeding up charitable giving here at the end of the year. listen. americans. >> greta: next year. >> we're a generous society. >> that could be a problem. most people donate do it because they have a depth of feeling, they do it from a charitable heart. that's not going to curtail that much based on what happens to the tax code. >> greta: someone who gave $5,000 this year might want to only give 4,000. maybe the person won't completely do away with contributions, but i do suspect, i don't know, is that it will have an impact with some on some charities. >> greta, they'll have less money to donate. they'll have less money to invest in their business. they'll have less money to
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create jobs. that is the harmful effect of president obama's policy to punish success by increasing taxes. i hope he doesn't do it, but again, there's nothing the republicans can really do to stop it other than to continue to come on shows like this and encourage the president to please think of every american and how economic growth is the real solution here, not punishing success. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. >> have a great day. >> greta: now to the latest jobs report. the unemployment rate dipped to 7.7%. that's the lowest since december of 2008, and that is really good news, but don't get too excited because if we peel back the curtain, economists do see some disturbing things. fox business network senior washington correspondent peter barnes joins us. before we all start dancing on the table because of the number, some economists say there's a little more to this. >> that's right. there's a little bit of a cloud in the silver lining in this one, greta. part of the reason, a big part of the reason why the
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unemployment rate fell was because 350,000 people left the work force. as you know, we've seen millions leave the work force through the economic crisis, through the recession and through this slow recovery, and when people are leaving the work force, that can sometimes make the unemployment rate look like it's getting better, when in fact, had those people stayed in the work force, unemployment in november would have been around 8%. >> greta: when they leave the work force, there's some eligible for jobless benefits, so that puts pressure on that category as well or not? >> that's right. unemployment benefits have been extended repeatedly through the financial crisis and through this slow recovery, although the last time around as i recall, congress cut back the number of weeks people could be eligible, but the president wants to try to extend them for another year, and congress may decide to do that. >> greta: what's the word among economists. republicans have come on and said that if you raise the taxes
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on the top 2 percent, it's going to have a deaf stating effect on the economy. democrats say no, we need it to pay for eight more days. they don't say eight days, but it will pay eight more days of our economy. what do economists you talk to talk about raising that two percent. is that a real threat to the engine of our economy or not? >> it depends on the economist. depending on the right or the left. on the right, you know, everything else being equal, if you bring in more tax revenue and help to take pressure off having to sell more debt, that might help keep interest rates low which would be good for business, so for that kind of economist, raising taxes and bringing more revenue in could be a plus for the economy. but for others, they say it could be -- it could put too much pressure, take away money to invest as senator johnson was talking about, take away sensitives for people to hire and it could have a negative impact on the economy. there are as many opinions on that as there are economic textbooks out there.
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>> greta: peter, as always, thank you. straight ahead, former vice-president dick cheney blasts president obama, and he does so publicly. he's slamming president obama's policy in the middle east. you're going to hear what the former vice-president has to say, and ambassador john bolt i don'boltonis here to talk about. next. also, is michigan the next wisconsin? protesters storming the state capitol as republicans and democrats in michigan clash over the right to work reggie lation. the latest on -- legislation, the latest on this very loud and fierce battle coming up. a heartbreaker. shocking news today out of england. just after kate's hospital stay, a nurse at the london hospital is found dead. ithe latest on the mysterious ithe latest on the mysterious turn of events is coming up. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ]
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>> greta: frightening news tonight about al-qaeda in libya. according to the latest western intelligence reports, al-qaeda which is already linked to a terrorist group in libya is now trying to establish a new base following the benghazi terror attack. the obvious fear, of course, is that the terror group will use that base to launch attacks against western targets. former un ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. is there any sort of terrific surprise out of this news? >> no. this has been a risk every since the overthrow o of gaddafhi that libya will be sufficiently destabilized that the central government could regain control and you'd have a circumstance like in somalia where there's no central government and al-qaeda and other terrorist groups could take root. i think this process has been underway for some time, and we saw its first real fan festation in -- manifestation in the attack on benghazi on september 11th. >> greta: in looking at libya, i don't know who is running the country. it's hard to negotiate the
10:21 pm
workout solutions or to do anything unless we have someone to work w. >> well, i think after the overthrow of gaddafhi, the opposition which was always a fractionated from the outset was unable to come together. the country has been historically divided between east and west since the breakup of the roman empire 1600 years ago. nothing new in that sense. the united states, the west as a whole, bears some responsibility here because after the overthrow of gaddafhi, the obama administration, britain, france just turned away from the problem, and so now we have this potential anarchic situation where the terrorists can take root. >> greta: so now what? what do we do? >> at this point trying to find ways to strengthen, i use this term loosely, the government of libya is very important because if we sees somalia this time on the southern coast of the mediterranean, it's very clear
10:22 pm
that europe will be vulnerable and indeed we will be worldwide, so it seems to me this is something that we should be involved in, but our friends in europe really have a lot at stake here, too. >> ambassador, we want to also ask you tonight about former vice-president dick cheney's latest remarks. now, last night he blasted president obama's foreign policy in the middle east. here's what he said in part. >> i think certainly in my conversations with many of those people, they no longer believe us. they no longer trust us. they no longer believe they can count on the united states of america to do what we did 20 years ago. our allies no longer trust us or have confidence in us and our adversaries no longer fear us. the president can make bold statement and bold talk as he did in the last couple of days but development in syria, but i don't think they care. > >> greta: ambassador, what do you think about the former vice-president's mark? >> sadly, i think he's on target. i don't think the administration has credibility.
10:23 pm
they've watched as our defense capabilities have been reduced with massive cuts in the defense budget, and perhaps more on the way. we've seen a president who is very comfortable with american decline, who seems to think that the united states is part of the problem, who thinks that a strong, assertive america with a major place in the world is part of the problem and is happy to have our influence recede. i think the vice-president's emphasis on our lack of credibility is quite significant when you hear administration spokes people talking about syria and tell assad there will be consequences if he use chemical weapons. what do they mine, indicting him in the international criminal court? that's their idea of serious consequences. it's no wonder that neither assad nor other dictators pay attention to us. >> greta: it's a real immediate risk that something will happen to those chemical weapons with the president of syria, and if something does happen, it will be a minute before tens of thousands of people will be dead. i'm curious.
10:24 pm
what would you -- number one, with 20/20 hindsight, what would you have done u. and in light of witwhere we are, what would you? >> it's. >> reporter: if in -- it's right in front of us. we've known about this for decades. when the arab spring broke out two years ago, when the opposition ga began to resort to military tactics, the risk that those chemical weapons would be used by the assad regime or in my view, even worse that the terrorists among the opposition groups could get their hands onn the chemical weapons and take them out of syria and make them a threat worldwide has been apparent right from the outset. yet we've spent two years not focusing on the chemical weapons, the possibility of biological weapons, the airannan involvement -- iranian involvement in a nuclear program in syria. now in a very desperate situation we finally turned our attention to it, and in a circumstance that makes it very hard to stop the first use.
10:25 pm
>> greta: so the question is what would you do now because we are where we are. >> i think the american priority has to be in making sure that the chemical weapons don't get out of syria and become a threat worldwide. this is very dangerous stuff. the president's already lost credibility by first telling assad it would be a red line to move the stock piles out of his arsenal. now it's a red line to use them. i'm just not sure that we're prepared to do what would be necessary to stop the first use, but what we can do and where our greatest risk is is making sure that the chemical weapons don't lealeavesyria in terrorist hand. >> greta: how do we do that? >> at this point since we're now losing confidence and we know where the wrep weapons are, we e to, number one, get commitments from the opposition that if they take power, they'll destroy the chemical weapons. i think we have to be prepared as we may well be to go in with special operations forces and
10:26 pm
air power to destroy the chemical weapons before they're used. that's very risky for our people and for the syrians as well. >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: now to the shocking and disturbing news today out of england. just after prince william's wife kate's stay at a london hospital, one of the hospital nurses is found dead. a suspected suicide. now, she was the same nurse who took a prank call about kate's condition. sky news royal reporter paul harrison has the latest from london. paul, tell me the latest. >> well, the latest is that the nurse who received, as you said, that phone call from an australian radio station, two hosts there posing as the prince of wales, prince charles and the queen, phoned up to try and get access to kate's ward. in fact, much to their surprise, they did manage ultimately to get transferred to the duchess of cambridge's ward. the woman who transferred that phone call, a nurse who was
10:27 pm
found dead earlier on today. we think she committed suicide, but ultimately what a tragic end to what was ultimately at first simply a harmless hoax telephone call that has, of course, had reaction from william and kate. in a statement that i got from st. james' palace a short while ago, they say this. the duke and duchess of cambridge are deeply saddened to learn of the nurse, jacintha saldanha. their royal highnesses were looked after so wonderfully well by everyone at the king edward hospital and their thoughts and prayers are with jacintha, her family, friends, and colleagues in this very, very sad time. it's absolutely a joke that when catastrophically wrong, and it ended up with a nurse who took that original phone call committing suicide. while there is sadness on one level for william and kate, i'm sure behind closed doors they are absolutely furious.
10:28 pm
>> greta: of course, the media has been a problem, a serious problem in the prince's life to begin with. his mother was dogged by the paparazzi. just look at how the media chases down this royal family, and i'm sure that these two radio hosts never in10ed for this to happen, but look what's happened. >> that's right. i'm sure that when they put that original phone call through, in fact, they said as much. they absolutely never imagined in a million years that their phone call would actually get put through. yes, there has been a backlash here. you've got to go on twitter and look at the con sternation really, by people, who are so angry that someone has ultimately died as a result of this prank hoax call. of course, you wonder just how angry the duke of cambridge is. you mentioned diana, of course. his mother was hounded by the press for so many years, and earlier this year his wife, the duchess of cambridge, was photographed behind closed doors topless. that anger him then, and i think this will anger him just
10:29 pm
as much. >> paul, thank you, sir. coming up, the union fight is exploding in michigan. protesters storming the state capitol and democrats railing against the g.o.p. right to work mesh. the michigan senator minority leader is not happy. she goes on the record. that's next. also, have you ever gotten bad service or bought a bad product and then written something;is that correcty about it on line? you better watch out. your favorite lawyers, ted williams and bernie grimm, are here to tell you why. this holiday, share everything. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text.
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>> greta: by early next week, a right to work measure could be law in michigan. that mean workers will not be 0 blienld to join unions. yesterday hundreds of union supporters stormed the michigan state capitol, but that didn't stop the house and senate from quickly approving the right to work legislation. what is next in this fight? reporter kristen dahm from the lansing state journal joins us.
10:33 pm
what can we expect? >> right now things are a little bit tempered after the news of yesterday, but things are going to heat up again come tuesday when it looks like this legislation will clear the legislature for the foreseeable future. >> greta: is this something that's been battled about and discussed, or has this come up new in the state of michigan? was this part of the governor'ss agenda? >> no, it was not. he said for two years it would not be part of his agenda. since the elections in november, issues like right to work have kind of reader their yo reared . since it's on the table for discussion, he wants to be a leader. however, some critics would say he's gone back on his word. >> greta: we know how republicans feel about it, and we know how the democrats feel about it in the state legislature. we no know how the union members feel about it. i'm curious about the rank-and-file union members in michigan or the people in michigan, what are they thinking
10:34 pm
or saying about this battle? >> we've heard really from both sides. there's a group that support right to work that say they want more freedom from their unions but more accountability from their unions. right to work could give them that. the other side which is obviously the more loud voice right now of unions saying this will diminish their power and influence and hurt workers leading to fewer jobs, lower wages, and that sort of consequences. >> greta: would it be fair to say that the popularity of unions in michigans is split? >> i don't know if you could say it's split. i mean, obviously one side is louder than the other at this point. it's hard to tell. >> greta: indeed, we've seen the storming of your state capitol. that's been quite a sight which has certainly put a national spotlight on this. i don't know if it's something the unions and the governor want, but you sure got it. >> definitely. it looks like come tuesday that could be the same as well and if not possibly worse. >> greta: kristen, thank you. >> thank you very much.. >> greta: michigan governor rick sneered going osnyder going on d
10:35 pm
insisting the legislation is not anti-union. >> it's really about freedom to choose. it's about being pro worker and stepping up for the workers in our state. we need workplace esquat and fairness. daughter equalit-- equality and. >> greta: not everyone agrees with the governor. gretchen whitmer joins us. good evening, senator. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: tell me if i'm wrong. this legislation, what it does, it enables workers to opt in or out of unions. it's not mandatory employment or not mandatory union membership if you're employed, is that correct? >> that's what the governor's talking about, but let's look at some of the questions you asked him just last night on your show. if this was such an important piece of policy and they stood by the policy, why on earth after two years of saying he wasn't going to do this would they push this at the 11th hour in a lame duck session? illegally locking people out of the capitol from having a voice in this process, and even trying to shut down legislators from
10:36 pm
making the case on the other side. if they really stood by this policy, shouldn't it be open and have a fair we did bait like our founderfound -- debate like our founders of the constitution envisioned. >> greta: i agree. they waited until the lame duck, i agree. no dispute about that. what i'm curious, though, is the substance of the law. the law, as i understand it, is that it allows a worker to either join the union or not join the union, not be required to join a union. he he gets a choice. is that a correct restatement of the law? >> that's kind of the crux of it, but let's look at the bill more closely. what the republicans did is they chose winners and louisrs. they -- losers. they carved out an exception for police and fire which means they did not give any exception to our nurses and teachers and social workers. i'm a lawyer like you are, greta. i think that could be subject to an equal protection challenge. in addition, i'd point out that the groups that they did not exempt are heavy dominated women
10:37 pm
fields. i do believe that there is disparity treatment here and i think there's going to be a number of challenges. >> greta: let me see if i understand it. if you're a police officer or a firefighter, you do not get the right to work protection meaning you can't opt out of the union. if you are a nurse, you can opt in or out or some of the other occupations, is that correct? >> that's what the governor and the republicans pushed through the legislature yesterday. imoit i take it you would object to giving that sort of opt in or opt out to firefighters or policeman since you're overall opposed to the law, correct? >> if this is good public policy, let's have the debate. let's have the back and forth and make the determination. >> greta: what is wrong with giving the worker the option to opt in or out on a union? >> hey, you know what, greta, we're happy to have that debate. i think we should people bring people on both sides of the issue and listen to everyone. i'm willing to listen to everyone. why is the governor weighing in at the last minute not wanting to listen to anybody?
10:38 pm
trying to cut off my right to speak on the senate floor. >> greta: so you object to the process and the manner, not necessarily to the substance of the law. that's something you still want to discuss. >> oh, i am resolutely opposed to this, but i want to listen. i think everyone should have the right to speak. these guys cloak themselves in the flag and yet they trample on our constitutional right an thanks 2459that's wrong. >> greta: why do you object to someone having the option to be in the union or not in the union? >> i think that's something that we need to talk about. >> greta: you're resolutely opposed to it. >> i'm opposed to them jamming thethis through this this manne. if they want to have a conversation about who is in and who is out and what the rationale is, i'd like to listen. maybe i might change my mind. with them doing it in this fashion at this juncture with a
10:39 pm
sweeping new law, i'm opposed. >> greta: so you're resolutely opposed to the manner it's been done, lame duck, but you're not resolutely opposed to the law. >> i'm willing to listen to all sides of the issue. that's what our founding facts envisioned when they created the committee process and the debate and checks and balances. everyone should be offended that we were all cut out of this. >> greta: i say very tongue in cheek that you have a different procedure than in wisconsin. we're not going to see the state democrats senators hit the road like they did in wisconsin. >> unfortunately we don't have the option of shutting the place down or i would. >> greta: it was fascinating to watch coming up, waiting in you see what some of our biggest companies are doing to you. they're hood winking your state and local governments and getios what? that means they're doing it to you. the amounts are staggering. what are they doing, and is
10:40 pm
there any way to protect yourself? that's next. a very special warning to some internet posters. do you ever go too far with your nasty snarky comments and could that nastiness end up costing you big time? you don't want to miss this. you don't want to miss this. stay tuned. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future.
10:41 pm
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>> from america's news headquarters, i'm elizabeth prann. the supreme court to hear same-sex marriage cases for the first time ever, taking on two
10:44 pm
cases that could impact marriage laws across the country. proposition, 8, california's ban on gay marriage, and the defense of marriage act, which deprives legally-married same-sex couples of benefits applied to married people. the judges hearing both of those cases in march. the centers for disease control saying there is an alarming spike of flu case, killing 3 children and more than 1,000 confirmed cases in a woke's span. there is widespread flu activity in 18 states. the cdc says if you have not received a flu shot yet, this is the right time to get it done. now back to "on the record." yo. for all the headlines, log onto a warning that some of our nation's biggest companies may be hoodwinking you, the taxpayers. major companies like gm taking advantage of all kinds of incentives and tax breaks from
10:45 pm
local and state governments, but are the communities, meaning you, the big losers. the new york times financial reporter first reported this. nice to see you. unbelievable story. these companies are getting huge breaks. >> i added it up across the country as comprehensive as i could. it's still missing some things but i identified over $80 billion a year for spending. there's cash grants, tax credits, free buildings, free roads, worker training. it's really a big tab. > >> greta: now, the reason why communities do that is the expectation that you give a company a break so the company that comes in and builds a factory or keeps its factory there and presumably there will be jobs. >> that's right. they do it for jobs. you know why else they do it? they dot because everybody else is doing it. i've interviewed mayors and governors and economic development people all over the country. a lot of them told me we wish we didn't have to give away the taxpayer money.
10:46 pm
we wish we didn't have to do this, but we're competing with the neighborin neighboring city. we're competing with the neighboring state. we're all competing with each other. we've got to do it. >> greta: take gment m. gm. the taxpayers bailed out gm. have we gotten our money's worth? >> the federal government bailed out gm. over $50 billion. everyone knew about it. it was sort of tran transparent. these are local incentives from states and city and counties, not so many people know. they're given out all over. what i figured out was in the last five years it's over 1.7 billion dollars to gm from small towns and cities and states where they've got budget crunches going on it's a lot of money, one company. i looked at gm going back to the 1980s. in fact, there are a number of towns that gave them incentives and they eventually left. those communities are prettyup set now. >> greta: i read your article. it was a great article.
10:47 pm
i remember reading a story about apple going into north carolina. they had $47 million worth of tax breaks. they built something in north carolina that produced only 50 jobs. >> a lost technology -- a lot of these technology do these data centers. you don't need a lot of workers to monitor that. it's not like an auto factory. apple has gotten incentives all over. they got $40 million in texas recently and you know, the thing is that it's unclear that these technology companies in the long run are going to be a much better bet than the automakers were. i mean, there's a lot of communities that feel like they got kind of a raw deal with the car makers. >> greta: every time you give a deal to a company, it's revenue taxpayers have to come up with and they don't get the jobs. it ends up biting them anyway. great a story. >> thank you. >> >> greta: great discovery. thank you. knows snarky and yes, sometimes obnoxious comments on the internet could cost you. find out what woman wrote on line that got her sued.
10:48 pm
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>> greta: feeling a tad bit snarky tonight? if so, might want to stay off the internet, or at least if you intend to slam someone's service. why? you could get sued.
10:52 pm
a virginia woman found out the hard way. she blasted a building contractor on yelp and angie's list and said do not put yourself through the nightmare of this contractor. the contractor sued her for $750,000. how can he do that? joining us is everyone's favorite lawyers. ted, your thoughts on this. >> greta, you ever hired a contractor and just cried out for help because the contractor did not perform the work properly and you wished there was an avenue other than the court to go to, so you go to the internet and you put it out there on the internet about this contractor to try to protect other consumers? i think it's a good thing to do, although you may be looking at a defamation suit. hey. go to the internet under those conditions. >> greta: you may feel better trash talking someone on the internet but not if you're hit with hurting someone's business
10:53 pm
and getting sued successfully. bernie, your thoughts. >> i'm all for first amendment rights, but ted is wrong and he knows it. only because he hasn't paid his contractors that he's talking like this. my client, mr. dietz, he is on page 2 of the new york post today because he got defamed in this lawsuit. now it's all over the place. now he'll lose business. people in his line of work survive because of word of mouth. now he's accused of stealing some jewelry inside the house. >> greta: goss it make adoes ita difference if it's true? there's something about opinion. you can say someone -- i don't like the work that's done, it's not done well. it's another thing you can be a little more direct and hurt their business. >> i think you'll find that truth is a defense, so if this woman believes there was shoddy work done and she can show that there was shoddy work done or quite naturally, she has a right to complain in any forum she
10:54 pm
wants to as far as i'm concerned. >> greta: except she may have a right to do it, but she's getting sued which is rather unpleasant. sometimes it's not good to be right, right bernie? you don't want to get sued. >> you end up in court and both sides lose. there's defamation, per se. she accused him of stealing jewelry in the house without really much evidence at all. that claim, i think, is going to stick. she might have a hard time in court on that one. >> greta: if you dig deeper, they've got the man who sued, the contractor who was on fox yesterday. he told me i was rushing past him because i had to get some place quickly, but they were high school classmates. these two actually knew each other 20 years ago. you know, the whole thing is sort of an interesting and sordid story. why couldn't they just work it out? why couldn't they get a mediator? >> absolutely. you know, unfortunately we race to the courthouse with lawsuits when you should try to work things out like this, but i have to agree with bernie here. if there's any possibility of a
10:55 pm
likelihood of success, it's going to be because she allegedly accused him of stealing jewelry and trespassing which is defamation per se. >> greta: bernie, i don't want to discouraging viewers from going on gretawire and doing what they usually dorks tell me how wrong i have become everything and i'm a right winger, i'm a left winger or i should go back to cnn or stay at fox, right. we don't want to discouraging that. >> we don't want to discouraging that. if you read some of the comments made by ted and i, you would think we would be in court. no one on the blog has accused yoyou of stealing anything. >> greta: not yet. not yet. gentlemen, thank you. you, too, bernie and ted. coming up, your last call. if you're getting tired of getting instagrams of what your friends ate for lunch. friends ate for lunch. you'll want to see thi as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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